“Westies are little miracles with paws”4

Senior for Seniors - Westie Adoption Information

Please read all the info below and then, if you are ready, move on to our adoption application info, which is below.

Are you a senior looking for the special love and companionship that adopting a Westie can provide?

West Highland Terrier Rescue Senior Dog Adoption Program - Westies in Need Canada

Pets can help seniors in numerous ways…they provide unconditional love, companionship, and a reason to get out and walk (even if it's just a short one). Studies have shown that the simple act of petting a dog or cat can reduce blood pressure and stress levels.

Senior pets are especially suited for senior people because they are generally calmer, more even-tempered, require less vigorous exercise, and often already have been trained in important issues like housebreaking and leash walking. Senior dogs are often great characters. Many of our own rescue volunteers have adopted a senior dog that they were fostering because they grew attached to them and found them endearing, entertaining, and full of life.

We would like to encourage senior citizens and retired people to consider adopting a senior dog.

That's why Westies in Need is introducing our Seniors for Seniors adoption program.

Seniors for Seniors matches senior owners with senior pets and provides much needed support for a lifetime of happiness together.

It's simple. The program is for anyone age of 65 or older who adopts a Westie from us, age eight or older. We will reduce our adoption donation fee to $175 and provide and pay for all necessary vet care prior to adoption.


If you are a senior citizen, we hope that this new program will open your eyes and that you will open your heart to one of our wonderful senior Westies in Need.

Ready to move to the next step?

If you have read the above and are ready to move on the next step in the application process, please complete the adoption application and return it via regular mail or e-mail. All the contact info will be on your Adoption Application.

Step 1:

Download the Adoption Application form below. Please fill it out and mail or e-mail it back to us. Your application is filed until a dog becomes available for adoption and a home visit is scheduled. All approved applications are kept on file for 6 months (We ask that anyone who applied to adopt a Westie and, subsequently, acquires another dog to notify us so that we can remove them from our files)

Download a copy of the form in Microsoft Word, and save to your computer.
You can then complete the form and save, then email to us at info@westiesinneed.ca

Step 2:

When a rescued Westie is ready for adoption each approved application is checked to see which one(s) most closely match the needs of the dog.

Step 3:

We schedule a home visit with you. WiN calls the applicant(s) selected and arranges an interview between the Westie and potential new family.

Step 5:

The best family for that particular Westie is chosen after an evaluation of all factors.

Step 6:

The new family signs the Adoption Contract nd makes the $175.00 adoption donation.


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Walk Through The Gate

Come all ye Westies who need our help
We will comfort and love you and tend to your needs
Beyond the gate you will never be harmed
You will find soft gentle hearts to help mend your own
If your mind needs to mend we will fill it with love
If your body needs mending we will do what we can
If you are old and just need a nice place to rest
We will find you a home to lay your sweet head
If you are broken in mind, spirit and body
We will help you end the pain so you can be happy
Come all ye Westies and walk through the gate
You will find all you need in the hearts of good friends


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